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Employer Getting Started Guide


If you are an Employer in the Suffolk County area, you've come to the right place to attract qualified STEMM job seekers.  Let's get started.

Create Your FREE Employer Account

In order to post jobs on Suffolk IDA STEMM jobs you must first create an Employer account.  To begin, please click the Employer item in the main menu and select 'Create A Free Employer Account'.  You will be taken to a form which you will need to fill out.  Please fill in your desired user information and company information.  When you're finished, click Sign Up.

First Time You Login

During the Job posting process, you will be asked to supply job application instructions for potential Job Seekers.   Suffolk IDA STEMM jobs allows you to setup a default set of instructions so that you don't have to re-enter them each time.  Job application instructions follow two forms:

  • An email, phone or fax set of instructions
  • An internet based application on your own website

Both applicaion types display the application instructions.  Filling in the Website Application URL will override the Email, Phone and Fax displays.

Post Your First Job Listing

 Once you've submitted your default application instructions you will be taken to the Employer Dashboard.  From there you can Add, Edit and View Jobs.  To add a new job click 'Add New Job' from the Dashboard menu. 

You will be taken to a form for submitting a new job.  Please fill out the form.  

Job Posting Hints

  1. Qualifications: Please hit enter to insert a line break in-between different qualifications so that we can display it as a bulleted list to Job Seekers
  2. Tags: Tags should be words or short phrases.  After each tag press the comma or enter key to separate them.  Each tag will highlight in green afterwards. 
  3. Job Applications:  You can override the default application instructions by selecting 'Create a job specific application process'

When you're finished filling out the form click 'Save Job'.

Review Process

When a new job is submitted Suffolk IDA will review your job to ensure it meets our requirements.  During this time your job will be marked 'Pending Review'.  Please allow 1-2 business days for us to review your job.  Once your job is approved you will recieve a confirmation email to let you know that your job has been posted.

 Job Management

There are two additional ways to manage jobs inside your dashboard.  Selecting 'Edit Job' will reveal two additional sort features. 

Position Filled
Yes -
If you have hired for this position, this will remove it from searches but keep it inside your account
No - Leaves the job inside searches

Job Visiblity
Public -
Keeps the job listing in our search
Private - Removes the job listing from our searches, but keeps job in your account

Settings & Editing Your Default Application

Inside the Settings Dashboard menu you will find two tabs to edit your company information should it ever change and a form to adjust your default application instructions.  Keep in mind that changing your default application will change it across all jobs associated with it.